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Rorschach has 2 big leaves slowly opening next to each ot...

Rorschach has 2 big leaves slowly opening next to each other! He is taking up ALL of my attention right now and I think he knows it. πŸ˜†
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2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
@JesssJungle I’ve never had a caladium but your boi makes me want one gorgeous
@PoisedAlbo me neither, this is my first one! I know people usually keep them outside but meh. I wanna see him all the time. I saw him at a greenhouse for $7, so yeah he was mine at that moment.
@JesssJungle they don’t sale anything like that in New England very hard to get Alocasia even that’s why when I found Esmeralda I brought her home they had her in a dark cabinet for over two months I would go visit her but they wanted 100.00 so finally I negotiating 60 because no one around here knew what she was and I wanted her to have a happy life and she had many stuck leaves. El Choco Red. Sorry I’m rambling οΏΌlol πŸ˜‚ οΏΌ
@PoisedAlbo haha no worries, I am just drinking coffee & doing plant things lol.

That's crazy and I'm sorry you don't have good access to affordable plants! I live in Missouri and it's fairly rural so greenhouses are everywhere. There are several good Amish ones nearby, and lots of good plant stores in Kansas City as well.
@PoisedAlbo Esmeralda is freaking gorgeous BTW
@JesssJungle yeah so I know exactly where you are I was born and raised in west Tennessee right across the Mississippi River bridge from Missouri and thank you πŸ™
He's obviously LOVING your attention!! πŸ’š He's a really beauty! Guns have to bump both the Persian Shield AND the Caladium up my wish list now! Lol πŸ₯°πŸ˜‚ xx
@PoisedAlbo ah nice I remember you saying that now! I am up north of Kansas City a little ways, near Hamilton, MO.
@JenniB81 yeah he's a ham! πŸ˜† They have both -knock on wood- been very easy going so far.
@JesssJungle yeah I know where that is I drove 18 wheeler for years so I’ve been everywhere in the US
@PoisedAlbo ahhh I bet you went through KC & even Cameron at the crossroads a lot.
@JesssJungle all the time I actually miss traveling and being down south. New England is too cold and not enough sun 🌞 for me