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I’m in need of help with my #RattlesnakePlant Kanye.

He’s a rescue plant from my mom - he had been neglected for a while. When i took him home i planted him in a drainage pot with fresh soil and perlite. He’s placed in a north/east facing, filtered window. I water him about every 8 days.

He has shown absolutely no progress in the last 3-4 months other than the loss of 2 leaves. What should i do???
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
how recent is the picture on the plant card?
@RJG It’s from the 5th of april. Still looks the exact same!
do the leaves move when around during the day? Maybe like lay down during the day and stand up at night?
@RJG Yeah, sort of. I thought they were reaching for sun so i tend to rotate it every now and then
They are kinda reaching for the sun. But unlike some plants that vine towards the sun, caltheas kinda open their leaves like a solar array and move drastically during the day. Especially if they're healthy and happy. Which is why I asked. 😊 I'm sure you'll see new growth soon enough. Calatheas also take a while to turn around and be happy
@RJG Ah, thats cool! I’ll try to stay patient. I believe in Kanye πŸ˜†
Thank you so much 🌸
see how wide it is rn? i will try and remember to post one tonight once the sun goes down.
@RJG It’s currently 11 pm in my country and this is how it’s looking. A little closed i guess?
the individual leaves don't really fold but they'll stand up.
@RJG Ooooooh. Def not standing up. Damn. πŸ₯²
It can be hard to tell with just 2 leaves. I'll send a picture later! You'll see your plant like a year in the future
it's not even fully dark yet but you can see how it's starting to close up?
@RJG Yeah it’s definitely noticeable! Thanks for updating and showing me πŸ˜β˜€οΈ
If you wanna see how drastic the movements truly are, look up Timelapse videos of calatheas and prayer plants! it's crazy.

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