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Help for sun-damaged string of pearls?

Well crap. I put this little darling outside to soak up the sun and then yesterday we had a heat wave. She didn’t get any afternoon sun, but apparently it was just too much. 3 days outside and she shriveled right up. My non-variegated is outside too and he’s happy as can be. I watered her til she drained out the bottom and brought her inside a few hours ago but she still looks like this…anything else I can do to help her recover? #help #StringOfPearls
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Dang you can try to take all the ones that are dry out off and keep her in a window with bright light tell she recovers.
Unfortunately, all you can do is remove the sun burned ones. I find string of pearls is sensitive to too much sun.shes like the "Goldilocks" of succulents.πŸ˜… pruning her dried pearls and steams with sharp clean clippers could also help speed new growth. Hope that helps! πŸ’š
@roxyvivien watering too?
@PlantDaddyBH depends on if the soil is dry - just because a succulent is sunburned doesn't necessarily mean it needs water.
@roxyvivien I really need to get my watering under control and learn more about my plants. This app is great. Are there any succulents you know of that do well cleaning air? Where I live air quality is poor
@PlantDaddyBH sansevieria or snake plants are great little air cleaners!
It’s not dead! And they grow fast. After a day or two go ahead and pluck off the actually dead stuff, but the rest should plump up fine and keep growing.