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My dad, who is getting back into collecting houseplants, got me two new plants today. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewPlantMom #NewPlants #StringOfPearls #NeonPothos #thanksdad
So nice that you can enjoy the hobby together 😊
@AggroResting ; I agree :) He tends to know more than I do (having done houseplants since like, the 70s maybe?). Plus he has currently found the world of Plant YouTube. πŸ˜‚ I’m just now making an effort to actually remember the names of my plants and learn more about them past just keeping them alive.
@GemHope so... when is your dad going to join Greg so we can see his plants?! πŸ˜‰
@sarahsalith Haha I know! But he’s not really big into smart phones, which makes it harder. Maybe I’ll start at least making posts about them :)
@GemHope awww πŸ₯° that was very sweet of him. Like @sarahsalith when is your dad going to join Greg?
I’ve just started in this community and I love these posts from everyone. I just got a neon pothos and they are such a great addition to anyone’s collection!
That neon pothos πŸ’š
@plantanddogmom1 ; My dad had ordered a lemon lime Philodendron online, and then when he went to his local plant store (to get me the string of pearls as a surprise), he saw this one and thought, β€œoh wow! I JUST ordered this!” and bought it. Then he got home and realized it was a neon pothos πŸ˜‚ So he gave it to me since he wants more philodendrons than anything else. οΏΌοΏΌ
Uff that neon! 😻😻😻
@WickedValkyrie Here’s a more recent photo I took today of it :)
@GemHope it's gorgeous! (:

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