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Day two of certain plants having moss poles and I already hate it. πŸ˜… You know what doesn't hate them? The god damn fungus gnats. πŸ˜’ I'm giving it a week before I rip them all out. *Le sigh* So glad I sent 3 days making these.

Anyway...anyone wanna buy some moss pole supplies? Jk, but seriously.
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I don’t like moss poles either however sone plants do better with them. I’m seriously considering horizontally growing anything that requires a moss pole.
I just use dry moss poles πŸ˜‚ if the humidity isn’t high enough for aerial roots to attach themselves then I’ll just tie my plant up instead. No pesky flies!
Agree with @HoyaAddict I’m using dry moss poles since the two plants that need them have had gnats in the past. I use that Velcro tape to hold them up on the poles. I did find some other things around the house I can repurpose into trellis or poles so I’ll probably not use additional moss poles.
I wholeheartedly agree with @HoyaAddict and @Wickedlemons. I bought a β€œmoss β€œ pole from Amazon that is not moss….it’s made from coco coir. You don’t have to wet it. I just use the Velcro green soft tape to tie it up. No gnats.
Adding a systematic in your soil may help
@FitSedum I'm so glad it's not just me πŸ˜‚ I want my plants to thrive but I cannot with these gnats.
@HoyaAddict I'm definitely going to let them dry out this week. Which is a bummer because I found that terra cotta watering spikes fit PERFECTLY in a moss pole to keep it moist. 😭
@Wickedlemons Using a trellis in some is my next plan if I do indeed rip these poles out.
@TJphilobsessed Do you have the link by chance? Why don't you have to wet these ones?
@Boymom-plantmom I have it in all my soil mixes. They're not coming from the soil, but the pole itself since it's moist. I did put cinnamon in one, but honestly it seems like they like that one the most. πŸ˜’ I basically made them a snack.
I literally asked a question about everyone's opinion on moss poles last week!

I keep seeing the ups and downs of them, mental note for a no go on wet moss! I hope the gnats pack up and ship out soon 😊
@discreetwildyam oh yuck! Hope you can get them under control as yes they SUCK!!!!
@jazzyjess I must have missed this!! Can you tag me in the comments of that thread? Maybe other people had some better tips than what I did.

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