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ittssss here yall!! my MONSTERA DELICIOSA finally came. I got it all potted & staked. now, anyone wanna fill me in on care tips??? I plan on keeping it indoors at night and outside during the day #monstera #mosspole #monsteramob #monstera
IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Make sure it's ALWAYS in the shade outside. (:οΏΌ

my sister-in-law just texted me in a panic a picture of her Monstera that I gave her a few years ago. It was sunburned!😬

It happens to the best of us! I'm so excited that you got a small oneοΏΌ- take lots of pictures in the Greg app and you'll really be able to see it grow!οΏΌ
She is a darling Deliciosa πŸ’– They are my favorite!! πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒ±
@sarahsalith I'm thinking about going to get a bigger one today at home depot. they have some 🀨🧐
@sarahsalith also I bought a new plant last night online. it's a secret what it is. lol. you'll love it
I am quite fond of all the aerial roots on my Monstera. It's makes the plant look so unique. I can't wait to see yours grow up! I got mine at HD about 6 years ago. If you get one, eventually you can pot them together and make a MONSTER Monstera. (:

Oh!! I can't wait to see what plant you get! Now I'm going to go look for you dropping alocasia question. πŸ˜‰
@sarahsalith if I get one what?? lol.

& I know I love this community that gets excited about plant mail like me!!!!
Personally I would find a good spot and keep it inside permanently. Moving back and forth might stun it. They need to adjust to your new home first πŸ‘
@ryan1521 this is going to sound crazy but I don't have many sunny windows. that i can sit it inside plus I have a 1 year old and 2 year old that would absolutely not just let it stay there. they like to pick at my leaves. lol. I do have growlights

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