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💥Plant Highlight

Philodendron Burle Marx/Imbe Green 🌱
Both of these Phillys look super similar and kind of have the same growth pattern so they’re getting paired together 😝

The Philodendron Burle Marx and Imbe Green both are vigorous growers but the Imbe seems to have a lot more 🍃 than the Burle. The 🌿leaf shape is similar but the Burle Marx leaves are more long and Narrow.

☀️ bright indirect, filtered light
💧 Water weekly-they have aerial roots and a decent root system. Letting it dry out once a month or so will make it happy.
☁️ Avg house hold humidity is totally ok for these guys.
🧽 Wiping the leaves w soapy water
🌸 I haven’t seen any flowers on these guys!
👶 propagation by cuttings or nodes. SUPER EASY

anyone have a philodendron burle Marx or Imbe green?

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Oooh how pretty!
@Kaleyeeaah she’s thriving wow!
@jcPlantProper like crazy!! 😀 she’s so shiny and beautiful. You HAVE to see the epipremnum ! I’ll post on a separate post
I picked up both of these from you guys a couple weeks ago and I love them!

They're sort of wild and free with their hair styles and they are very vibrant in color. 😂

Definitely the cool kids of my collection 😎
@tmbryant37 yes!!they’re so fun

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