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Yet another
comin' at y'all for #sciencewithgreg! 😂 Can't stop, won't stop! I have another 🥑 in the fridge, what else should I try?? 🤣

As you can see, this guy is pretty friggin ugly and cuz of the wrinkles I couldn't get all the avocado off of it without scrubbing, which messed up the brown outer layer so I just said fuck it. Soaked it over night, and peeled it. Now it's gone straight into soil with the best I could do for a greenhouse. An upside down... Goblet? Giant wine glass? We use them for milkshakes, normally... 🤷

Anyhow, I put a wee lil bit of #mycorrhizalfungi powder in the soil and plan to water it with #pothoswater when I can and regular filtered water otherwise.

I anticipate this one taking much longer to start growing (if it grows at all) than the others, but we shall see! That's the whole point of the experiment! 🧪 Finding out what works best/quickest and what yields the healthiest plants.

I'm sure my husband will not appreciate me having a forest on top of our washer and dryer so if anyone wants to shoot me some $ for a baby tree once they get established, hmu! I'd love to just give them away but I have no money and I know hubs ain't tryin to pay shipping... Lol

Aaaanywho, will update as this guy and the others progress! Stay tuned! Follow #avocadoexperiment & #greatpothosexperiment for updates!

If you made it this far... Wow. Good job! Thanks for reading my novel! Here's a cookie 🍪 and a glass of milk🥛(I also have soy/almond if you prefer) as a reward! Please, have a seat 🪑 and rest up before continuing on your journey...
#avocado #socalavocados #pothospack #goldenpothos #wickedvalkyrie
5ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Great novel, no cookies and milk but a Greg mug full of coffee 😉
I love your experiment with avocados, looking forward to more updates 🌱🌿🥰
Okay that pit is not cute but I love the goblet! Ima root for Thomas, he’s the little engine that could and will! 😁
I’ll take cookies and coffee please!!
@Sassylimey my Greg mug is full of plant, I hope you brought your own! 😂🖤 @Planthoader I'll start the coffee pot! ☕
Didn't realize coffee would be such a popular option! 🤣 @LatiTish84 omg totally naming this one Thomas now!
@WickedValkyrie your awesome!
@Planthoader so are you all! Coffee cheers to that! *Clink*
@WickedValkyrie Cheers Babe!!
@LatiTish84 Thomas 😂😂😂

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