Posted 1w ago by @willbur

Just had an idea for #gregteam. It’d be great if we could see all of our posts on our profile too. I know this is not a ‘social media’ app, but we’ve got a great community here and would love to see people’s past posts as well as my own. #GregFeedback @RJG
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Don't worry. This is absolutely in our plans.

Recently @xou did some mock ups all on their own for fun. Check them out in #gregdesigns
@RJG awesome, cheers Drew! It’d be great to have more community features. The app is so useful, the community just makes it so much better thanks to people like you 👏
@willbur thanks that means so much to me to hear. We're about to return to community and try and make it work as well as the rest of Greg!

Imagine the possibilities! Seriously, imagine them and then tell me them just like this post. 😂. We love hearing from the users how to make the app better!
@RJG I’ll have a think and will do a post if I have any ideas!

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