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This was the first mamillaria that got me seriously back into cacti and succulents purchased around August or September of 2021. It has surprised me soooo much. It has not stopped constantly flowering since spring of this year after its winter dormancy. It changed from a tiny little ball with one flower about to bloom, into a big blob of non stop flowers with a bunch of pups growing all over it. I almost wonder if this cactus could win some competitions if I brought it to a contest competing against other cacti one day. I may end up trying to see if this one could become a show plant one day. #FreshLeafFriday #freshflowerfriday #BeforeAndAfter
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@SirLiquorice Truly amazing 🤩
The first pic was taken back in September 2021 and the last pic on the right side was taken yesterday
Wow this is amazing
@Ms.Persnickety and @YammieOf3 thanks I was really impressed with how this one has grown. I really love this one now. If I would’ve known it was going to end up flowering constantly like this with all the pups I would’ve definitely bought it. I had no idea I would love this one so much or that it would end up looking like this in less than a year

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