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3 news leaves on my monstera unfurled this week! 😍 Still ...

3 news leaves on my monstera unfurled this week! 😍 Still waiting on her to get mature enough to start to fenestrate (get splits and holes) in her leaves 🀞🏽. Each new leaf is bigger than the last so we’re getting there! #Monstera #monsteradeliciosa
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
So pretty 😍 is this the type that gets splits instead of holes? That’s the type that I want.
@Ninabeena monstera deliciosas will start to develop splits like the first 2 pictures and then when they get even more mature they will get the splits and holes like the last picture! So beautiful to me 😍.
@Kapuac oh gosh that is beautiful with the slits and holes πŸ₯°
@Kapuac It's weird, because grows with the splits already on them. They are rolled up still, but I can see the markings clearly. See the picture I attached.
@motherearth83 yes, monstera leaves all develop their splits before it even unfurls. So once they unfurl they will no longer get any new splits or holes. When the plant is old enough the new leaves will all come out with their splits already on them. When the plant is young their leaves do not have splits at first! 😊 Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you buy a plant from the nursery/store how old it already is. Also if a large monstera is propagated into smalled cuttings, if the original plant that it was cut from already has splits/holes in its leaves, the new leaves will also come out with splits already. Plants are amazing! 🀩
@motherearth83 also, over time with more good conditions your plant will become more mature and can develop double fenestrations (double splits) or splits and holes which look really cool!