Posted 3w ago by @user5109

So many new leaves and spikes!!! Ignore the DCE- previous owner had the plant outside. I’m trying to rid it of fungus gnats. Any fungus gnat help appreciated!! I’m bottom watering, sticky traps, and DCE
Hydrogen peroxide! You can put it in your water in a 4:1 ratio (water:HP). Personally I pour it in straight. But it kills the babes living in the soil and gives your roots some extra O2. Only "down" side is that it they all crawl to the top trying to get away and then they are all dead on the top of the soil 🤢
@PlantMompy - thanks. I’ll give that a try. I was putting some neem oil in the water too. I need to find a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide
@user5109 I usually buy it with my groceries. Every couple weeks I end up with a new bottle since it seems to be great for everything plant 😂

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