Posted 2w ago by @RewardableKale

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sparkle of the #Micans ?! One of the many reasons this is one of my absolute favorite plants. β™₯️😍 #SpringIntoSummer
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 hours ago
Ahh so pretty!! 😍 I just got my first micans yesterday - a little cutting that’s currently propagating in some water. So excited to watch it grow! 😊
That is AMAZING! You captured it PERFECTLY!

Did you enter this picture into the #SpringIntoSummer contest?
@sarahsalith no I didn’t! How do I do that?
@RewardableKale add #SpringIntoSummer in the body of your post. Then it can be your official entry for the day! The picture with the most likes will get a free plant. (:

Drew announces the winners on #SpringIntoSummerWinners each week.
@sarahsalith thank you!!!!
@RewardableKale beautiful πŸ’š gets me even more excited for my Mican to arrive this week.
@AmusingEndive I’m always staring at her. I just loveeee it!!!!
@RewardableKale I would be staring at well. So shiny, such great greens
@nila I’ll definitely be propagating this plant for sure! It’s beautiful. Can’t have enough

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