Posted 4M ago by @Nallon

Where the cuticle layer hasn’t formed on this still pretty fresh #Monstera leaf, you can see the upper epidermis clearly and beautifully! I’ve not stopped staring at it for most of today to be honest 🤩🌱

Science and maths were hard for me at school, but as soon as I started applying them to things I enjoyed, initially photography and now my plant care, I get it! I love it and it makes sense these days. Textbooks just aren’t the way I learn!! 📚🌱

#HappyPlants #MonsteraMob #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Nallon #PLANTMAFIA #PlantPhotoClub #NewGrowth #FreshLeafFriday
3ft to light, direct
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
ah i love it when you can see the little sections in the leaves!! my pilea’s are also visible when the sun hits his newer growth and it’s so cool :)
@strawberrymoon plants are just the best aren’t they?? 🤩🌱
Stunning @Nallon and I completely resonate with applying science and math to things we enjoy! This is a great TED talk on plant science you might enjoy:
@alex thank you Alex, I am a new person compared to school days!! I will check it out thank you so much 🤩🌱

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