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Something happened💚

So I’ve been on a plant fast all summer and that’s kinda bumming me out and don’t recommend.🫠 I still love plants but I feel like I’m losing interest because my collection is slowly decreasing and a dumb mole💢 cricket 🦗 is eating my lovely succulents. I WAS feeling down in the dumps as a plant parent. 😵‍💫

Today was different🥰. A nail salon had pretty plants 🪴 just flourishing and I just kept admiring how beautiful and happy they were. So I started plant talking to the owners. The husband a #SucculentAddict (like myself) and the wife a #VegetableandFruit gardener (like my husband). They were so warm-hearted and kind showing some of their plants. By the time I was done the husband had already left and Julie (his wife) invited us to their house to personally see their garden. I’m in love with how stressed and naturally thriving their garden is. 💚 Kenny (the husband) out of this world gracious and inviting. As we walked around their yard we tasted the sweet delicious fruits and admired all the succulents🤩. Also, did I mention he gave us a basket full of cuttings 🥹 Today was a blessed day. I’m grateful 🥰

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I have much more pictures 🥰 but here is the basket 🌱
P.S. Kenny makes some his pots out of cement and sand
What a great experience you had! And I love that he makes his own pots!!!
That is unbelievable! I am so glad that you met them!!
What a gracious couple you met!
Amazing! And OMG that basket!
They have got to be Super Proud of Their Oasis!! It’s Beautiful 😍 They are both very talented, and must have super green thumbs. I Love how Gracious and Inviting they are! But Most of all….the Generosity of that Enormous Basket 😳🥰💖💖💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Amazing so happy for you 🌱🤩
Thanks y’all
@FreshWidow Yes, they are an awesome green thumb POWER COUPLE. @sarahsalith afterwards my husband couldn’t believe that we had that awesome afternoon, he was like “Wow, what are the chances that we just actually met them by just talking about plants ?!!” The whole thing was an OMGEEE moment. @PlantMompy @AnnMarie420 yes, they are so sweet, kind and generous. I mentioned that my mother-in-law loves Portulacaria afra and hers had died and he even sent her a large cutting, so thoughtful 💚 @HoyaAddict thank you 💚
Here are some more finds in their garden. He also had lots of #Tillandsias hanging on trees so natural looking
Wow what a dream collection
Omgeee! What a wonderful experience! 🥰🥰 I’m so happy you met a wonderful plant couple 💚💚. And they were so generous and Kind. Like @AwesomePlants said Plant Ppl are the best ppl ❣️ @AguaViviente
WOW such a beautiful oasis of gorgeous plants. I'm so glad you met this wonderful couple who sparked your interest in plants again. I've missed seeing your posts 🥰
Esmeralda, thank you ☺️ !!!
Amazing it just goes on and on 💚🪴💚🪴💖💖💖
@LatiTish84 plant people are the best! 💚
@Sassylimey yes, they did, God works is amazing. I’m glad to have my hands on dirt again! 💚 also you’re so sweet and kind

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