Posted 3w ago by @Ellegraay

I just want to show off my beautiful #StringOfPearls πŸ₯¦πŸ’šπŸ¦ 
I cannot keep a string of β€œanything” alive! Yours is gorgeous ☺️πŸͺ΄
Oh she’s gorgeous!!

I almost bought a String of Pearls yesterday but I’m traveling this week & was worried it wouldn’t do well being left alone right away 😬

But some day! I think they’re beautiful.
Most of my strings hate me 😭 I'm hoping the little pearls I added to my succulent garden will do okay but the poor bananas I got recently aren't fairing so well.
@Bmazzu oh I’m sorry:( I’ve had such luck with this, she just sits on my toot near a window and keeps growing! Maybe the trick is filtered sunlight!x
@TamiGoesGreen thanks! I’ve found her so easy to manage. Definitely recommend one!x
@tmbryant37 :( oh that’s sad, keep her in filtered sunlight! Mine has just kept growing! Easiest plant to manage πŸ₯°
I think that a string of tears? The shape is so pretty! But not so round.

Kudos anyways so healthy and green!
Oooo I love it!
I love the strings of things! I have them in north facing windows and have had tons of growth! My SOH is going nuts- just had to swap to a hanging pot due to the length of strings!
@Ellegraay that looks like a string of tears!! and beautiful

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