Posted 1w ago by @pettiteplants

Wasn't thinking about the very little space I have left when I got these 8 cuttings in the mail... will be uploading each individually tomorrow in daylight for care tips/questions!

I am pleased that this monstera has the start of a new leaf growing as well πŸ˜€ #propagationstation
That's exactly what I'm dealing with! I don't yet have enough space for new plants and yet I somehow keep ordering cuttings and rescuing plants from stores πŸ˜… if you have any suggestions on how to maximize small spaces for a multitude of plants, I'm all ears!
@LadyKapow92 so my current plan includes a little combining! I have two extra pothos cuttings and I will put those with my own propagation in a hanging pot.

When you lose table/floor/space...use the ceiling! 🀣
Show us when they start rooting! I also have tons of cuttings I got for free and hoping they start soon! I also have limited space, so I’ve had to figure out a way to place them in a way that they can thrive 🌿✨
@kscape will do! These were started in soil to propogate so I think I more like see new leaves rather than roots. We'll see! What are your favorite cuttings?

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