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So I've been using Greg for a while, but never followed the care routines as I had my own method. Well I made it a challenge to follow all care (snooze & water as needed) and I cleared out my "Watering Queue" for the 1st time. The only plants not in my oasis are all my propagations/experiments (about 50 plants)
#northtexasgreggang #theplantdadlife #happyplants #greggang #greginyourcity
@RJG and #northtexasgreggang I told y'all I would do it!
AND!! There's a cute little leaf at the top of the home page!
Saturday is the first Swap right!?
@RJG yes! This Saturday the 17th
@ThePlantDadLife you and all the #NorthTexasGregGang should be talking it up? Where is the gang πŸ‘€ @LeighannM @YammieOf3 @ShinyBudew @TJphilobsessed
@RJG studying for my certifications sadly :((((
@RJG I have a class every Saturday now that runs exactly that time
@ShinyBudew ugh.... are they fun certifications at least?
I always joke that I'm a bad plant parent because it's rare I get to "0." I used to be great but (as you understand) as a parent of children as well I don't always get to the "planned" plant things πŸ˜‚ I've been getting better through!
@RJG I know! Today is Podcast work day, tomorrow is getting ready for the swap!
It’s just a GOOD feeling, you know???
@RJG 🀣🀣🀣
@RJG I’m here! It’s been a long day today so I’ve not been able to be on Greg much today.

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