Posted 4w ago by @ToxicPunkWitch

Two weeks in! Just watered this little gem, but it looks a little sadder than the last watering. I did notice some lines on some of the.. leaves? Stalks? There are some on both sides, and I'm kind of assuming it's from the planter, but maybe someone else knows different? Also, a side note, I think these three little guys on the side might be new growth! I don't remember seeing them there before! :) #succulentsquad #succulents #hawthoria
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I agree that the lines seem like they’re from the planter!
Those lines are normal just part of the colouration of the plant, for comparison the haworthia coopering, which is what yours is πŸ₯°
I agree with @MeganO! They just look like marks from when the plant was settling on the edge of the pot, but as it’s getting light, it’s sort of reached and now you can see the dent. 😊
I also think the pot made the crease on the leaf. And it does look like it’s making babies! It looks really healthy. Terra cotta pots are my absolute favorite for succulents and repotting it would stop the damage to its leaves, if you want to do that.
@Sassylimey is right, lines are normal. Not from the nursery pot. It’s a unique feature of your plant. No worries about Mini Coop, looks solid. @ToxicPunkWitch 🌱❀️

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