Posted 3w ago by @babyfiretiger13

Gave this raggedy girl a haircut! Hopefully she’ll grow a little less messy. She looks so cute now! 😍😍😍

But now more cuttings = more plants to pot soon…

Also it’s starting to look like a plant swap around here! 😅

#HeartleafPhilodendron #GregGang #PLANTMAFIA #PropagationStation
12ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Such a pretty plant (and pic!!) 🤩
The chinese money plant babies!! 🤗 And that rick-rack. Good job, everything looks so healthy and thriving!… 🙂
@greenleafeater thank you ☺️
@BeesZenGarden thank you! And yes! My money plant reproduces like no other lol I potted up 3 other babies just a couple months ago!
@babyfiretiger13 Wow! 🤗 Mine has a baby and I have separation anxiety!! Lol 😝
@BeesZenGarden wow! That’s a big, healthy baby 😍
@babyfiretiger13 I wiggled it yesterday… I think I’ll do it soon.. Lol 😆
@BeesZenGarden aww it’s gonna be so cute, good luck!

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