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Greg says I should move the succulents to the better ligh...

Greg says I should move the succulents to the better light which I get, but their window gets very hot there should I worry about that or not 
10ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hey John 👋😊 I'm glad you asked because yes they can totally get sunburn 🥵🫣 especially young jade plants!

They seem to prefer the conventional "bright, indirect light" lol (so, they want to see the sky but not the sun! 😎). By all means move them a bit closer to the window, but not too close as direct sun can be too harsh.... Maybe try halving the distance to the window first? See if that helps? Or you can put a filter on the window (or a bit of net or voile curtain)? Just to lessen the intensity 🥰 xx
All the plants are at the Ymca so they’re either in the window or out on the counters which they have indirect lighting but not super. If you were to take a meter you would find this. The light was kind of low. That’s what Greg is saying also there’s one area where sun comes directly through an upper window and beats rides through like  the Palm lily loves it there 
@ we get about three hours of direct sunlight, but they’re slightly diffuse because the sun is always moving WarmStarsedge
 I hate getting old. I can’t remember anything so I just told you the wrong name it’s a lily but it’s not called a palm Lily. I can’t think what it is so we’ll get back to you guys on that later.