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What is it?! The mother plant, and one cut from it say "Chinese evergreen" today I potted clippings and added them to #Greg and they say "blushing philodendron". These are all clipped from Alex #help #identify #WahatAmI #philoflock #chineseevergreen
5ft to light, indirect
12” pot without drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
These are definitely Chinese evergreens. Often the thicker part of the stems isn't above dirt so maybe the app saw that and thought it was a Philo?
@tmbryant37 I thought they were.... I've had Alex for like 10 years and July was created by pieces that accidentally broke off starting about 8 years ago. The newest two have been SLOWLY making me crazy trying to root from clipping from Akex because she was SO big it was driving me nuts!
They're all really beautiful plants; the colors are so bright!
Not 100% sure, but it looks a lot like an aglaonema Siam Aurora! I'm jealous, that's one of my grail plants hehe.
@grimmauxillatrix I think they look like that! It's been
The easiest plant, and grown really large that I couldn't handle how big it was. So I trimmed it, also hoping to get it to fill in more.
I’d sayAglaonema Siam also
@grimmauxillatrix this is my guess too.

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