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On #whatthesuccwednesday , introducing Astrid -- still in...

On #whatthesuccwednesday , introducing Astrid -- still in her acclimatization phase and dealing with a light case of spider mites (!), but doing okay so far for a plant that was sitting in a cardboard floor display at Ikea this time last week. She's on her way!
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
@BravePinkpoui Hi Angela
I have only just recently seen pictures of these el amazing plants and now you show us one, thanks so much as they look incredible!
In IKEA? They sold this plant? Mmmmm
I you happy with your treatment for the spider mites?
Hi @seymour -- I was stunned to find these at Ikea too, and in not-horrible shape! Of course this means I can never safely walk through that department again, I suppose, but I found the watering can I was seeking and that's what matters. As for the mites... ugh... not as bad as they might be, but the smell of neem oil is just not working for me. At all. (She is also in isolation still, but I am taking no chances, so neem oil treatment iy is. Phew.)