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Colors are changing today like always. #CactusClique #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #flowerpower #freshflowerfriday #FreshLeafFriday
So beautiful it doesn’t even look real!
These are fantastic!!! Thank you for always sharing with us. I am amazed with the color differences you have been showing us.....just amazing.
Oh wow!! Beautiful!
I never thought I’d consider putting a cactus on my wishlist lol
@Kace lol. For me those are the best ones. They get awesome flowers and require the smallest amount of maintenance possible to care for. It’s the other plants that I may struggle at times to keep alive and pretty looking. Since they actually expect me to water and take care of them. Lol. The cactus are just like leave me alone. That’s what’s awesome about the fire sticks also. That plant almost doesn’t need me to care for it either. It’s so awesome that yours is flowering. Euphorbia are probably my favorite next to my horse crippler and a few other types I have. You should look into a Buddha belly plant if you want a cool looking succulent that flowers also. And attracts butterflies. I am very glad I bought that one. It’s another low maintenance plant.
@Jana85 right? It’s super weird. I just take the picture normally and don’t use filters or anything. But I took these pics this morning before the flowers opened and it looks so weird and fake almost. They have this weird glow almost like it’s photoshopped or a filter or something. Once the older flower opened it changed to pink. Tomorrow both will be pink and the new third one will probably open but will still be that orange or salmon color
@Jana85 just crazy they will eventually look like this soon.
Those are absolutely gorgeous
What is this gorgeous cactus? I need one😎