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Hi there! I’m starting a silly little quest to keep a blu...

Hi there! I’m starting a silly little quest to keep a blue spruce in my apartment in a pot if at all possible. They remind me of my grandma, but where I live I cannot plant one outside. I greatly appreciate any helpful tips about blue spruce care and any advice on keeping one as an indoor plant! #BlueSpruce #PineTree #Indoorplants
Welcome to Greg, Ashlynn. (: I love plants that remind me of loved ones. πŸ’š

I understand that you can't plant one outside, but do you have an outside area that gets lots of sun?

I have tried four times unsuccessfully to grow a pine-type plant inside. They really really need the sunlight and I have found it very hard to replicate it indoors.

Now, if you wanna give it a whirl, maybe using a super bright, hot grow light might work! I have a few lights that put off a LOT of light - let me see if i can find a link for you.

You'll need to put the grow light pretty close to the tree to get the needed light.
SANSI Grow Light Bulb with COC...

This is the one I use. It gets hot. It also can go in a lamp, but the lamp should be pointed downward over the plant so the plant gets more of the light.

If you have a western or southern window, perhaps you can get a window box for your tree so it can spend time outside, too!

This one is kinda expensive but it would allow the plant to get real sun sometimes.

I wish you the best!!
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information!!

I have a southern facing window so all of the other full sun plants I’ve had get pretty consistent sunlight! I think I will look into investing in one of the lamps as well for the winter months, which unfortunately don’t provide as much natural light where I’m from.

I’ve had some success so far with growing a Norfolk pine indoors so hopefully that means good things for this endeavor!

I have run into some problems in the past with fungus gnats and overwatering with the Norfolk pine I have so I’m concerned a little about that now as well.

Thank you again for the advice as well as the product suggestion!