Growing with Aloe vera

Fast grower
Easy to propagate
Large, lush leaves

Aloe IMO is the BEST plant for “beginner” plant parents. I swear to you that these plants are almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill. To elaborate, I once had a fairly large aloe plant that lived with me in my basement apartment bedroom. One summer I had to leave my apartment behind for about 6 month. Unfortunately, the aloe plant in question was left behind, in a dark room without water for 6 months. When I came home, it was FINE. A little dry, and a little wonky from growing towards the smidge of light that squeaked through that god awful, tiny, basement window but completely alive and WELL. I don’t care how bad you think you are at taking care of plants, you can definitely take care of an aloe! Be careful though, though these babies might be great for that third degree sunburn (gingers I’m looking at you) they are very toxic to our furry friends! So keep up and away from any pets! Good luck out there folks!