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African Marigold

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African Marigold has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower
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Also known as

Aztec Marigold, American Marigold, Big Marigold and Marigold


Tagetes erecta

How to care for African Marigold


How often to water your African Marigold

Water needs for African Marigold
0.5 cups
every 9

African Marigold needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot located in Austin, Texas.

Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

Calculate water needs of African Marigold

Water 0.5 cups every

Does your plant get direct sunlight?

Select the pot size


Check the growing potential in your area

A plant's growing potential is determined from its location, the time of year, and current local weather.

Plant care guide for African Marigold in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

56% Medium

Growing African Marigold in Austin right now

Light needs for plant African Marigold in Austin, Texas

Plant growth potential is currently low 📉

December 1st, 2022

Sunlight intensity as measured by “net radiation” in Austin is currently low 📉.

The availability of high quality sunlight in your home impacts ability for plants to thrive and is key in determinin…

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Light needs for plant African Marigold in Austin, Texas

Sunlight will decrease by 20.6% ☀️

November 30th, 2022

Austin is trending towards lower sunlight intensity!

The amount of sunlight in Austin is expected to decrease by 20.6% over the next 2 weeks to an average of 9.8 megajoules of energy per m2 per da…

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Light needs for plant African Marigold in Austin, Texas

Daylight will decrease by 0.8 hours 📉

December 1st, 2022

This month, Austin is getting an average of 8.6 hours of clear sky sunlight per day.

Hours of daylight will decrease by 7% over the next two weeks. Your plants will get 10.1 total hours of dayligh…

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Finding light for African Marigold in your home

Light needs and placement for plant African Marigold: 1ft from a window
1ft or less from
a window

African Marigold love being close to bright, sunny windows 😎.

Place it less than 1ft from a south-facing window to maximize the potential for growth.

African Marigold does not tolerate low light 🚫.

Austin, Texas currently has medium levels of sunlight intensity, you can help this plant grow by treating it to ample light ☀️.


How to fertilize African Marigold

Nutrient, fertilizer, and repotting needs for African Marigold: repot after 2X growth

Most potting soils come with ample nutrients which plants use to produce new growth.

By the time your plant has depleted the nutrients in its soil it’s likely grown enough to need a larger pot anyway.

To replenish this plant's nutrients, repot your African Marigold after it doubles in size or once a year—whichever comes first.

When to repot African Marigold

Nutrient needs for plant African Marigold in Austin, Texas

Is this a good time of year to repot? Yes! 🪴

November 28th, 2022

The growing potential in Austin is medium 👌.

It's best to repot plants during their active growing periods when they have the energy to re-establish their roots! This is a great time to repot any …

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Difficulty Level

African Marigold can be challenging to care for, according to some plant parents. Check out the reviews down below to learn from their experiences!

Water Needs
Sunlight Needs
Native Region
Growth Pattern
Growing Outdoors
Yellow Leaves

Care Summary for African Marigold

African Marigold

African Marigold

Greg recommends:


0.5 cups every 9 days


< 1ft from a window


Repot after 2x growth

Based on your location in Austin, Texas, the 4” pot your plant is in, and that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

What other plant parents say

African Marigold has a Fast grower plant personality Fast grower 13
African Marigold has a Survivor plant personality Survivor 12
African Marigold has a Blooms easily plant personality Blooms easily 11
African Marigold has a Pest magnet plant personality Pest magnet 4
African Marigold has a Large, lush leaves plant personality Large, lush leaves 3
African Marigold has a Easy to propagate plant personality Easy to propagate 2
African Marigold has a Browns easily plant personality Browns easily 2
Jackiesgarden avatar
leaf-1 0 Plants
xp 100 XP

Really easy to take care of and helps with pest’s 🥰

Fast grower Fast grower
Blooms easily Blooms easily
Caitlyn avatar
leaf-1 9 Plants
xp 216 XP
globe Albany, OR

It looks beautiful in the backyard and I only planted it a month ago

Fast grower Fast grower
Pest magnet Pest magnet
Loganburningbush avatar
leaf-1 22 Plants
xp 1,396 XP
globe Talking Rock, GA

I started mine from seed. I planted a whole bunch but only one sprouted and it was after quite some time, I had given up on them. But I saw a tiny little plant in the dirt one day and decided to nurture it. It’s beautiful, and keeps pests away from my vegetables. So I’m happy to have it!

Meghan avatar
leaf-1 8 Plants
xp 194 XP
globe Pittsburgh, PA

There pretty easy to take care of and if you over/under water them it’s not too hard to nurse them back to health. They also are not too high maintenance and for the small bit of work you end up doing for the plant (watering, placing in sunlight, etc.) it’s super rewarding. They’re also just really pretty flowers

Blooms easily Blooms easily
Easy to propagate Easy to propagate
Survivor Survivor
Fast grower Fast grower
Liam avatar
leaf-1 2 Plants
xp 58 XP
globe Tucson, AZ

This plant is a very nice plant for everyone, this plant is friendly to animals and humans, just don’t eat the plant. It has very pretty flowers that look fake. I recommend to get this plant from seeds.

Fast grower Fast grower
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Survivor Survivor
Renataruizpozo avatar
leaf-1 15 Plants
xp 258 XP
globe Providencia, Región Metropolitana

they need a lot of direct sunlight <3

Fast grower Fast grower
Survivor Survivor
Blooms easily Blooms easily
Sunrose365 avatar
leaf-1 5 Plants
xp 80 XP
globe Martinsburg, WV

After planting they pretty much took care of them selves while germinating. Just a little sun, love, and water!

Fast grower Fast grower
Pedroza63 avatar
leaf-1 4 Plants
xp 108 XP

flower because planting them by their other outdoor greens helps keep some of those pesky pests and critters away!

Survivor Survivor
Pest magnet Pest magnet
Large, lush leaves Large, lush leaves
Hannahturtle avatar
leaf-1 3 Plants
xp 220 XP

So cute when sprouting! Easiest to start them in an egg carton.

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