Crassula rogersii

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
2.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
🎂 Oct 12th
water@4x 2 Waters
snooze@4x 0 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

🤩 should be watered every 13 days and was last watered on Friday Nov 5th.

#Crassula Discussion

What am I doing wrong

My plant doesn't look healthy. Any tips?

It is in a very shallow pot so I don't believe the watering schedule is accurate plus there are 2 crassula and 2 succulents in the pot

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good Easter & weekend! Here are some pictures from recently. (With updates) 1&2- Star Cactus- forming a bloomstalk, (1) it bloomed last year with 2 flowers. They are a cream/pink color. Can’t wait to see it this year, I recently have been keeping it outside in indirect sun. it’s still too much light, so the color is a lil darker then normal. I’m going to move it back inside in my southern window. 3. Calico Kitten Crassula- repotted and watered it. Has lots of new growth. They tend to be fast growers so I’m hoping this one will be the same. I absolutely love the colors! 4. Sedeveria ‘Spring Jade’- repotted this one this weekend. I’ve had it outside, but only keep it in full sun in the morning till about 10-11am, I then move it to shade, or filtered lighting (southern window) Inside. This one is super pretty & healthy so im gonna make sure it stays happy! 🌿🤗 5. Sedeveria ‘Silver frost’🪴 - I also recently moved this one outside, so it’s been in full sun. It was etoliating inside, so I’m hoping that will get better within the next week in better lighting. SIDE NOTE- I had a hard time identifying this when i first got it, I’ve had it under several things, however I recently saw Sedeveria ‘Silver frost’ and felt it was a better fit. This plant isn’t on Greg, I tried to add it but it wouldn’t allow me. Does anyone know why? #GregFeedback #GregGang #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #GrowingSuccs #NewGrowth #Haworthia #Sedeveria #Crassula #StarCactus #BloomingSuccs #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #gregteam

#WhatTheSuccWednesday appreciating all this sun after weeks of rain and cloudy skies 💚 #HappyPlants #SucculentSquad #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy #StringOfHearts #ZebraPlant #Crassula #StringOfPearls #GhostPlant #WednesdayWellbeing

Hi! Is Delilah too tall? The third branch has been drooping the last few days even though she feels turgid. Everything I see says chop her down but I'm not sure where would be best to do so

My husband has been overwatering my Jade and I need to put him in a different pot that drains but is there anything I can do to make my Jade grow healthy?

#FreshLeafFriday 🌿 took the opportunity to utilize the bookshelf I'm throwing out, for a photo-shoot! Crassula streyi 'Pondo Cliff babies from the mother leaf, new growth on my Raven ZZ, and the tiniest leaf on my string o'hearts 💕 andd my rescue lady finger is looking great! #happyplants #stringofthings #ravenzz #crassula

I need help with my jade plant. The leaves fill soft. I hope it's not over watering. I water every 2 weeks and have it in the window . Please help me with this

How can you propagate a jade?