Is this a good time of year to repot? Yes! 🪴
Tampa, FL
The growing potential in Tampa is high 📈.

It's best to repot plants during their active growing periods when they have the energy to re-establish their roots! This is a great time to repot any plants that have doubled in size or haven't been repotted in over a year—whichever comes first.

How to repot

Be gentle! Plants are not used to having their roots disturbed in the wild and they don’t handle well in our homes either.

  1. You can reuse the same pot and simply replenish the soil unless the roots are beginning to circle the pot (known as root-bound)

  2. When you remove the plant from its pot, be careful not to disturb the roots

  3. Remove old soil and pour a thin layer of fresh potting soil

  4. Add your plant and add soil around the plant until it is secure

  5. Give it a good drench! ☔