Growing with Monstera

Fast grower
Large, lush leaves
Easy to propagate

Monstera is such a beautiful plant. I think anyone could care for one as long as you can take some time to talk to it, my old one I never talked to as a test to see if it changes anything, she browned and her unfurled leaf turned black and fell off. On the other hand my new one I got I talk to and say things like you are so strong and you’re gonna grow so healthy I believe in you. also call your plant it’s name ! It will make it feel extra love 🥰 easy to propagate and tip if you have a big monstera put the air roots in water! they sit in water in their natural habitat and grow up trees. I got a moss pole for mine recently and it’s growing more upright so I recommend one. But you can use anything like chopsticks, paper towel cardboard roll thing. you can make your own by hot gluing artificial moss to it! I haven’t done that I bought mine but it’s just a thought. Also under-watering is better than overwatering because I wait a little extra long to water her and she still looks healthy!