Little O-Ren

Nerve Plant

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
sunlight-hours 1-3 hrs light
window-orientation East
3.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Glazed clay
soil-type Perlite
outdoor-plant Indoor

#Fittonia Discussion

How do I know when my nerve plant will need a new pot? My Nia has been with me a couple of months now and has sprouted slowly. Pretty new to plants, any tips? #NervePlant

This is La Princessa, my pink nerve plant, and the plant I’ve had the longestβ€”she’s been with me since I moved into this house in September, the start of my plant journey. She is easily one of my favorite plants, though we struggled intensely for several months. But I learned her quirks and she has doubled in size under my care. It’s so rewarding when you get a plant to really thrive. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NervePlant #plantamigos #FavoritePlants #colorfulplants #Fittonia

I decided to take some cuttings from my nerve plants since they were tall. I managed to have 3 sets with approximately 12 cuttings. Two are in a 2" pot and 1 is in a 4" pot I added some honey and cinnamon to the roots on some ( I'm doing a little experiment). I might have over crowded them but time will tell. They worker on my basil cuttings, so wanted to try it out with a house plant. I will have a update on them later. I have them under a grow light with a baggy method. I wish I had other colors but that's ok πŸ˜‚. Wish me luck everyone! #happyplants #propagationstation #plantaddict #planttherapy

Open or closed terrarium with Greg's watering advice?

I need help any suggestions welcome

How long do these plants last?

My fittonia plant leaves are drying ..

Literally died the minute I got him, what happened?!

Fittonia seems a little lackluster :(