Growing with Aloe vera

I planted my Aloe’s from seeds that I purchased at Target and some at Walgreens. I wasn’t so optimistic and didn’t think they’d grow, but they did. The first batch of seeds only 1 of them germinated and the aloe is now about and inch long and has three little cute leaves.

The second batch of aloes 4 seeds germinated and began to grow 1 leaf each. But the other day one of the four was dead. It began to turn brown at the tip and was not getting as big and thick as the other three. But it could’ve been that it was just not meant to be. Anyways, three are still green and getting bigger.

My advice is to not rush and be patient. Give it a whole month, maybe two until you begin seeing anything IF you’re thinking of growing Aloe from a seed kit.

They do work. 🥰