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You guys, I was such a Naughty Nancy last night 馃槇 I got my card in the mail yesterday and was going to go grocery shopping just me and my 2 crotch goblins until my husband decided he was going to take them to his sister's with him instead (Fucks yaaaaassssss馃榿馃コ馃檹) my intentions were just for soils no plants (Rememeber the oldest is a straight up snitch and she's nosey) so when I got to town and realized hey... no eyes to spy and no hands to pry upon my secrets... let's make a detour... to Plantville 馃え馃馃か got there and wouldn't you know... BEHOLD猸 PEPEROMIA猸 MOTHA FUCKIN' 猸怶ATERMELON猸 AND A 猸怓ROSTY猸 too?!?! I said 馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憚 Biiiiiiiiiitttttcccccchhhhhhhh lemme get them real quick just to look at them馃樁that's all.馃檮... that's all.... Well long story short I got those 2, 1 other, and a broken off piece of another one (not sure what but it was pretty so DIBS) just sitting there all perfect as if the plant gods/goddess set it out there just for lil ole meeehhhh 馃槉馃 dude who worked there said awww they won't care if you take it AND PUSHED IT DOWN INTO MY BACK PACK AND WINKED... BRRUUHHHHHH you need a raise. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ then I had to race to go get groceries and race home before hubby got back bc I had to hide the plants and the ultra bag of soil I got for only $4 HOME DEPOT EMPLOYEE IS A STRAIGHT UP WINNER and also an enabler but whatever. I mean i floored it home. I was like the flash鈿 馃う鈥嶁檧锔忦煉煢筐煆 with the groceries just throwing shit in the kitchen so it's in there and not the truck and then raced outside in all back in the blackest of night fall... (I turned then outside lights off just in case they would have came up) and hauled my #plantstash off to then #thunderdome. Let me tell you, nothing gives you strength like hiding your stash and I was so strong you guys馃槑馃挭馃挭 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ got everything put away in the house and then snuck back out to look at MY PRECIOUS all before the crew made it back 馃榿 #hideitfromhubby #plantsmademedoit #plantshelfie #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #greggang #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsmademedoit #peperomiapals

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Why must the universe taught me?! So went to the store for some s*&t tickets and some dirt.. get home and bear some meowing... as I look around the meows get louder and frantic and fast but I can't find anything until I look up in a tree and see eyesAnd it's so far up in the tree it's as tall as 2 trailers stacked. I'm freaking out bc no way In hell am I getting up there and doubt it'll come down bc only reason it's up there is bc my dogs tried to eat it. After distracting the dogs with some leftovers we waited and the little bastard Mary Poppins it's way and ran right to us and has not left us. It's a kitten and SOOOO FUCKING CUTE BRUUHHHHHH WHHYYYY?!?! Pablo Escobar (it's name bc cocaine kitty isn't appropriate for kids to say) is so lovey and sweet and calm and holy crapolli it's amazing with my extremely aggressively loving 3 year old (who carries animals by their butts not their heads). Like it's so gentle. I keep saying it bc idk what gender... didn't think to check it bc .. well we did just meet and all so it'd be super inappropriate. Lol anyways I'm not in a place where I can keep him and I'm not too much of a cat person (terrified of getting ring worm again and bc last cat kept trying to attack my littlest one) and it sucks bc this seems extra special and he totally chilled and watched me paint and figured out the liter box fast and loves doritos and watches Rick and morty!!! I have to either find a new home or take him to the pound/shelter tomorrow and it's super fucking lame. Pablo even helped Me decide which plant to put in which pot AND THATS FREAKIN RAD CHAD MATERIAL!!! UUGGGHHHH #PabloEscobar #krunchytime #thunderdome #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #plantaholic #greggang #plantstash #plantshelfie #youhadmeatmeow