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This #Jade plant was one my first plants that I bought when I got the idea to grow houseplants for a new hobby. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t expect to encounter all the obstacles that kept popping up. Mainly pests, all the pests…so many pests! It was confusing but it grew just fine, and honestly was one of my best looking plants. I don’t know how, bc it was absolutely infested with all kinds of nasty beasties. A cloud of gnats surrounded it at all times and it stunk of mildew/mold and trash mixed with neem oil. Obviously all that was my fault. Ignorant to all things green, I put this guy in a dirty pot and used whatever dirt I could find: old stuff from the bottom of the pots of dead plants, no telling how old. Found random miracle gro bags years old and sitting open in my garage and used a lot of that. I already used all of the “new” potting soil I bought from the hardware store, so I supplemented with whatever I found. Oh, and the pot I used had no drainage hole! After picking up a bunch of new knowledge and lots of fun potting materials for potting new plants, I finally decided to either ditch the infested jade plant or go for a Hail Mary. So I flushed it completely out with the strongest bio pesticide/fungicide I could find. Mixed 2 Tbsp of concentrate in a gallon of water …and used half of it on this plant. Thought it would be dead the next day. But I took the chance for the health of my other plants and bc this particular jade plant was so feisty. The next day I checked on it and what I saw was a SURPRISE!!!! It grew an inch taller overnight, the leaves and stems were green and glossy and fat (in that good way that rubbery plants have when they’re living their best lives). The smell was gone, and the swarm was gone. In fact, 90% of the bad stuff died within 36 hours. I keep tapping the pot to make sure no gnats pour out, and they’re seemingly gone for now. I’m officially going to keep it, and tomorrow it’ll get a shower and root cleaning & care. Extra soft toothbrush on the leaves to remove what’s left of whatever has started to grow back on the leaves (looks like white paint, maybe a fungus? It’s not scale). Can’t wait to baby this soldier before I take it out to the bench and upsize its pot (I ordered a handmade Italian terracotta pot from Venice that’s truly special - and has a drainage hole). I have a specialty mix that I made for this tough cookie, and I can’t wait to get it settled in to its new home. I’m just amazed by the speedy growth of this one plant. I have several other jade plants in proper conditions that don’t compare to this one that had every going against it! #idontknowwhatimdoing #survivor #Newbie #happyaccidents @OrganicKPGreen