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@VerdantFlora avatar @VerdantFlora · 3w
We’ve got #spidermites! At least that’s what I assumed, yesterday, when I found little webs between some #Orchid petals. I separated and quarantined her. I sprayed her with protect spray with neem oil (from #WetheWild) as I didn’t have any plain #NeemOil. And today I got a bottle! Do I have almost a hundred plants? Yes. Are some of them not yet in the Greg app? Also yes. Have I been quarantining new plants properly? No. Are about half the plants I have newly acquired within the last month or two? Probably, yeah. Did quarantining them make sense? Not really, not with that many new ones. Did I spray every single plant with neem oil, today ? Yes. Yes I did. Did I find any more plants with spider mites? Yeah, just one more plant. Did I quarantine that one as well? Yes, but also separately from the other. Did I go through a whole bottle of spray? Yeah. Pretty much. Would I do it again? Yeah, if I need to. Do I regret it? No. Well…. Maybe? Yeah? What do I regret? I regret to inform you all the neem oil makes for a fantastically horrible air freshener. I can smell it even with a stuffed up nose. It’s the first time I’ve used neem oil or had spider mites. Any tips are welcome. ALL of my plants are under grow lights. NONE of them get direct sun. I know neem oil burns plant leaves in direct sun, but what about grow lights? I turned off my lights after spraying everything. Should I leave them off for a day or something? Thanks! #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #PLANTMAFIA #GregGang #Greggers #VerdantFlora