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Honestly so proud of Gomez right now! 馃ス馃ゲ He came to me as this beautiful chonky rosette/floret thing, quickly started dropping leaves like mad (no matter how much or how little I watered him)... Then he developed a fungal issue! So I had to remove those leaves and I treated him with a peroxide/alcohol mix. By then he was looking real leggy cuz he barely had any leaves left so I decided to repot him. While repotting, I found out that instead of growing roots from the whole stem like most do, he was only growing roots from one tiny little area. (I think this was his main issue before the fungus found him.) So I buried the entire stem that had been exposed due to leaf loss and didn't water him for a couple weeks. Now I only water him every three weeks and he lives in my north facing living room window that gets very little direct sun(1-3hrs in the morning), but gets lots of bright indirect light all day. I'm sure he wouldn't mind getting more direct light, but for now he's doing pretty alright so I'm hesitant to move him back to the plant room... Especially cuz I'm not sure if I eradicated the scale issue in there... Btw how can you tell when these dudes are thirsty?? His leaves never seem to wrinkle like other succs, he just stays all chonky... Lol @vvvelo @roxyvivien #tiscalatengogorgesedum #sedum #tiscalatengo #progressnotperfection #succulentsquad #succulentlove #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newgrowth #wickedvalkyrie #socalgreg #socalsucculents