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Story Time!… So today I was at basketball camp and when I went for a rebound…and got it…my ankle rolled inward pretty badly. After that I limped over to a trainer with the help of another kid, and ended up sitting there until lunch with my leg propped up on a chair and an ice pack over my ankle. Once it was about time for lunch I limped into a golf cart where one of the camp helpers took me back to where I had lunch. After lunch, I learned it is really hard to go down stairs with a sprained ankle, and then went to another gym where I watched the other teams play some five on five games. Once that was over I went to the area where I was going to get picked up, although the sprain had gotten worse. When my mom came and picked me up I limped with my ankle in terrible shape all the way to the car where I got to breathe a sigh of relief and rest. Upon arriving home we wrapped up my ankle along with some pain cream and then it was time for me to go to my trombone lesson. The lesson went quite well considering my arms were fine, but when I got back to the car? My whole day turned around. In my seat, sitting there was a cute little Alocasia Sarian. I then drive home with a smile on my face and now here I am admiring my little rehab plant. Also, any Alocasia advice would be greatly appreciated because I have never touched an Alocasia in my life except for now. #AlocasiaAddicts #SpringIntoSummer #ColoradoMountainGang #rehabplants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy