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馃専鉂わ笍Plant Boost Week LOL!鉂わ笍馃専 馃槃A Boost for May 14-16, 2024馃槃 Thanks for all the support and for those who have already joined us to boost each other this Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 馃檹 Why not join us too #plantboosttuesday #plantinginspiration The idea is that we support each other, with our shared love of plants, by adding inspiration and lifting each other's spirits.馃馃珎馃槃 Life comes with challenges 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩 and suffering 馃槩 and yet we can all offer a boost to others 馃拤, to help the moment 鈴憋笍, the day鈱 and the week 馃搮. If you find you need a boost, just click and see what others馃樃馃樃 can offer with inspirational quotes 馃, inspiring plant ideas 馃尮馃拹馃尭馃尡馃馃and anything that just adds to your day.馃憤 Welcome to Happy Plant Boost Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday This week I want to focus on the friendship we have formed within this community as shown in stillSarah鈥檚 great shout to fellow Greggers (with a prize) and I was inspired by a fellow Gregger who posted an inspirational friendship quote. So why not add something to express gratitude for the friends we have found through Greg and the friendships we have nurtured like plants 馃尡 (Alex you get included as you and your wonderful team are ultimately responsible for nurturing such a friendly community of plant lovers) #plantboosttuesday #plantinginspiration #seymour #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #greggang #greggerssupportinggreggers #mentalhealthmatters #newgrowth #propagationstation #succulentlove #planttherapy #theamigos @alex #theamigos @Macstracks @PoisedAlbo @elisenavidad @FicusOnTheGood @proppinpossum @sarahsalith @ReallyMingfern @Soothsayer @HaPascanB @JesssJungle @JenniB81 @LaSiguanaba @Corinne @SensationalKoa @signorebean @Merranda @itsjordan @Keysgirl0179 @RootsnShoots @Linx @eeriewoodlander @RiomeQueen @Rockrlee @FlowerFairy @snowtrooper @MajorAngelmoss @RealSimpleMama @sarahsalith @UltraKoreanfir @CourtlyKingfern @SunnyPlants @ballondusoleil @Gustavo @Chevysgirl11 @Avocadonerd @SirLiquorice @PiousGermanivy @LikableDamiana @Amaturebotany @ImKindaABigDill @Michelle5986 @PlantHapppy @nellz4estfairyz @Maurs_Oasis @TheMoonChild @SUNSHiNEPLANTS @Luckyclovertrip @Snapdragon @KinderPlants @ittle.squid @KikiGoldblatt @KeenSucculent @ILoveMyPlants @TidyTigerpear @fawn @Lifeis2short @PlantBeach @HeraMonstera @Suzanthophile @Ninabeena @anomalocarys @Stephazar @RJG @Aikalovesphilos #gregteam