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@S.ham13 avatar @S.ham13 · 2w
Happy (late) FRIYAYYY #GregGang !!! My order from #GregPlantShop was delivered a couple days ago 🙌🏼- literally JUST BEFORE some bad storms came through. My order was extremely quick to ship, but did get tied up in the mail. (I’m sure that’s was due to bad weather out this way🌪️) First, I’d like to reiterate how awesome the shopping experience is @alex The amount of information about each plant under each listing is really helpful when making a decision. The photos and the layout design within the app is truly amazing- making the overall browsing experience enjoyable. Initial thoughts on my #PlantMail arrival. The boxes were heavy duty. My snake plant box was a little banged up and on its side, but nothing super serious and surprisingly the one with the least amount of dirt in the box. The extra bulky padding inside the boxes was appreciated which helped the plants not shift *as* much as they could have. The one thing that I was not fond of was the plastic around the pot with the rubber band. (It worked okay for the snake plant, not so much the others as there was wet soil on the foliage and stem crevices. The Alocasia clearly tried to escape 😅 as the roots were exposed and nearly out of her pot- YAY FOR CORMS THOUGH 🤪.) I found the soil to be overly saturated causing edema on the leaves of the #brasilpothos All in all, everything was in pretty good condition considering all the factors involved. Love the app for providing updates throughout the shipping duration and that it notified me when they were delivered 🙌🏼 Happy with the size of the Silver Dragon, Syngonium, and Brasil Pothos 😍 After a shower + good wipe down, minimal pruning of damaged leaves, and a repot- these plants are happy to be out of their boxes, in quarantine, and settling with the breeze of a tiny fan 😎 Now, I just have to figure out where to put them! #PlantMail #HappyPlants #AlocasiaAddicts #snakeplant #syngonium #pothos #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #goHAMgeo