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Restocked!!! HAPPY 馃槂 THURSDAY #GregGang. It鈥檚 #PlantProperThursday and some people already got their plants from last week. Drop those pictures 馃摲 below! I also fertilized 馃挬 all of the plants that went out last week with a slow release so you鈥檙e welcome 馃槆 馃槀 We have a few new plants this week and they鈥檙e NICE. Some are back in stock 馃槸 and are much fuller than last time (Site updated at 4pm eastern time!) HERES SOME OF MY FAVES 馃尶we have some philodendron silver stripes back and let me tell you. They鈥檙e amazing. 馃尡got a new Hoya in stock along with a tonnn of others Hoya 馃崈a bunch of Syngonium as always so PLEASE go look. 鈽橈笍 we have plants on coco coir poles to make your lives easier so I suggest you go check them out! Search 鈥渢otem鈥. 馃尩one of the new plants this week (馃か) is an epipremnum Pinnatum aurea. Check out our Instagram for videos! (We are having a sale on a lot of items this week but the code can鈥檛 be used on those) DISCOUNT CODES: 馃挼 If you haven鈥檛 ordered before you can use code WELCOME10 at checkout. If you have ordered before you can use code Aplantproject or PVPLANTGUY at 馃挵 checkout! Let me know what you get, what you wanna get or what you have gotten already! 馃 #HappyPlants #calkinsclub #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Syngonium #CalatheaCrew #Philodendron #HoyaHangout #plantproper #plantpropermail #plantmail #PlantProperFanClub #FicusGang #ficusfam #PLANTMAFIA