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Plant Highlight: Peperomia Frost 🌱 This plant is just 🤩 and when the sun 🌞 hits it, it’s 🤩🤩🤩 this Peperomia stays compact and depending on the light you give it, can have big shiny leaves or a lot of little leaves 🍃 read for some care info! ☀️ moderate to bright indirect. Different light levels will determine the size of the leaves and I’ve noticed although they can tolerate lower light, they like the brighter light. And did I mention they look so pretty in the sun! They’re not like other peps where they grow towards the sun cause it does stay pretty compact 💧 bottom water these guys!! They don’t have a good root system so it’s super easy to overwater them, but also they HATE getting their leaves wet! Unless you have a watering can w a spout and you can water just the soil, I suggest bottom watering. But let it dry out almost all the way if you can! ☁️ Avg house hold humidity is totally ok for these guys and I don’t suggest misting it unless they’re in a bright spot cause again-they don’t like water on the leaves. 🧽 the leaves are like curved so it’s really hard to clean these. If you have time you can give them a rinse in the shower on a watering day and then leave outside to dry. 🌸 they do give #flowers . And it can be CRAZZZYYY. 👶 propagation by division or water propping the leaves! 💩 #fertilize only a few times a year again cause the roots aren’t insanely thick or lush so you want to be careful! Now! Let me see your #PeperomiaFrost !! #PepFrost #peperomia #planthighlight #peperomiapals #PeperomiaPod