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Why must the universe taught me?! So went to the store for some s*&t tickets and some dirt.. get home and bear some meowing... as I look around the meows get louder and frantic and fast but I can't find anything until I look up in a tree and see eyesAnd it's so far up in the tree it's as tall as 2 trailers stacked. I'm freaking out bc no way In hell am I getting up there and doubt it'll come down bc only reason it's up there is bc my dogs tried to eat it. After distracting the dogs with some leftovers we waited and the little bastard Mary Poppins it's way and ran right to us and has not left us. It's a kitten and SOOOO FUCKING CUTE BRUUHHHHHH WHHYYYY?!?! Pablo Escobar (it's name bc cocaine kitty isn't appropriate for kids to say) is so lovey and sweet and calm and holy crapolli it's amazing with my extremely aggressively loving 3 year old (who carries animals by their butts not their heads). Like it's so gentle. I keep saying it bc idk what gender... didn't think to check it bc .. well we did just meet and all so it'd be super inappropriate. Lol anyways I'm not in a place where I can keep him and I'm not too much of a cat person (terrified of getting ring worm again and bc last cat kept trying to attack my littlest one) and it sucks bc this seems extra special and he totally chilled and watched me paint and figured out the liter box fast and loves doritos and watches Rick and morty!!! I have to either find a new home or take him to the pound/shelter tomorrow and it's super fucking lame. Pablo even helped Me decide which plant to put in which pot AND THATS FREAKIN RAD CHAD MATERIAL!!! UUGGGHHHH #PabloEscobar #krunchytime #thunderdome #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #plantaholic #greggang #plantstash #plantshelfie #youhadmeatmeow