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Update: they're also having a baller sale rn. 👀👀👀 Hey #GregGang, First, excellent #FreshLeafFriday today! The mega-thread just keeps growing!! Don’t miss out on all the #NewGrowth the #GregCommunity has to offer from the last week. Check the hashtag out and join the community at the top. Second, now that that business is out of the way I have a huge shoutout to @jcPlantProper and http://!!! Last week I jokingly told Janai that she owed me a welcome gift for finally making on #TeamGreg and well today a surprise package showed up from none other than Plant Proper with plants HAND SELECTED by Janai herself!!! As someone who has ordered….just a few (everyone go with it) plants online… I have to say that if you see a plant on Plant Proper’s website that you like, and you’re perhaps worried about shipping, that you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Plant Proper sent 3 plants individually wrapped and they arrived without damage. You may then think to yourself, “Sure RJG they packed them well, but were the plants healthy and in good shape?” and as you can see in my pictures the answer is again unequivocally yes! Seriously, please give these guys a look anytime you want to treat yourself to something a little exotic and fun!! Janai thank you so much and please extend my greatest thanks to your whole team. I have nothing but positive things to say about your plants, packaging, and friendship!! Plant Proper is #RJGApproved!! 🪴 #NewPlants #PlantAddict #PlantProper