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Welcome to CP Club Thursday #cpclubthursday for this 2nd week of 2024, 13 June 馃専OVER 110 MEMBERS !馃専 FEATURE CP: Sun Pitcher Plant 鈥 Heliamphora The Sun Pitcher Plant (Heliamphora) is an exotic pitcher plant growing among the clouds of South America. A relative of the North American Sarracenia and Darlingtonia californica, the pitfall traps turn solid hues of green, red, and dark purple. They employ many of the same tactics as other pitcher plants 鈥 a 鈥減itfall鈥 trap with slick surfaces, sweet nectar trails, and sharp downward-facing hairs to prevent insect escape 鈥 but in a streamlined appearance as compared to its cousins We seem to be steadily and continually growing so maybe we are doing something right 馃憤 And so many new CPs and CP owners, many of whom I have got to know personally as they ask some great CP questions.And great photos and CP projects such gardens and even lava rock CP terrariums Add any interesting Carnivorous Plant (CP) facts, photos, or anything CP-related for this week. Or ask a question of our members related to CPs Join the CP just by clicking the link #cpclubthursday and clicking join. That is all it takes! Too easy! There is already a wealth of CP so why not just join our growing CP community at #cpclubthursday! Happy Chompys 馃槉馃馃馃毇 #cpclubthursday #carnivorousplants #carnivorousclub #venusflytrap #sarracenia #pinguicula #nepenthes #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #happyplants #greggang #seymour #theamigos #Pinguicula #butterwort #NewGrowth #NewPlantMom #Greggers