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Good morning, #GregGang! Coming at you with a day 10 update to my #AlexTriesDIY greenhouse project 馃槀 Done: 鈽戯笍 Applied 2 layers of white paint to the interior of the cabinet 鈽戯笍 Removed the original backboard and cut a new replacement 鈽戯笍 Applied 2 layers of white paint to the new backboard 鈽戯笍 Applied 3 layers of clear varnish to the interior of the cabinet and the new backboard 鈽戯笍 Removed the painting tape (which peeled off incredibly unevenly鈥 馃ゲ) Still need to do: 馃敇 Fix the uneven paint edges caused by the tape removal 馃敇 Apply clear varnish to the exterior of the cabinet to spruce up the wood 馃敇 Apply weatherstripping tape to the door frames 馃敇 Apply clear silicone caulking to the interior of the cabinet to seal any gaps 馃敇 Install the grow lights 馃敇 Install new sturdier L-brackets for the shelves 馃敇 Install the new backboard onto the cabinet 馃敇 Reinstall the glass shelves and glass doors 馃敇 Install the mini fans onto the glass walls using suction cups I think the hardest part so far has just been the drying time for *all* of these paint and varnish layers lol. But I鈥檓 loving the glossy look of the high-gloss white paint plus the clear gloss-finish varnish together. Once I can figure out how to fix the messed up paint edges, I honestly think the rest of the steps won鈥檛 take long at all! 馃槄 #DIYgreenhouse #DIY #IKEAGreenhouse #MondaySuccs #GrowingThroughIt