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Lazyplantparent avatar @Lazyplantparent · 2w
Many eons later… part 3 of #AlexTriesDIY 😅 Hey friends! I’m nearly done with my #ikeacabinet knockoff 🥳 It’s taken a lot longer than I expected—not due to difficulty, but rather due to the ungodly humidity that I’ve absolutely refused to work in lmao. What I’ve done so far (in order of completion): 1. Applied polyurethane white paint to the interior of the cabinet. 2. Applied clear varnish to the interior of the cabinet. 3. Cut a new backboard to replace the flimsy old one. Applied white paint and varnish to the backboard as well, then re-installed it onto the cabinet. 4. Applied clear mold-resistant silicone caulking to seal all of the gaps. 5. Applied weatherstripping around the doorframes. 6. Installed l-brackets for the glass shelf on the upper level of the cabinet and then re-installed the glass shelf. 7. Installed extra large l-brackets on both the top and bottom sections of the cabinet to act as “beams” that my T5 grow lights could hang off of. 8. Installed the T5 grow lights onto the large l-brackets. 9. Drilled a hole in the new backboard for the wires to come out of. Now, all that remains are the finishing touches, like re-installing the large glass front panes for the top and bottom, and re-installing the door stoppers. I’m getting so excited to put my plants in there! As always, if you have any questions for me, drop ‘em down below! 💚 #IKEAGreenhouse #PlantCabinet #DIYgreenhouse #diy #BeforeAndAfter