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Happy #cpclubthursday everyone !! Last weekend I visited a plant nursery and they happened to have 5 different #carnivorousplants ! It was surprising since I've never seen any nurseries by me have CPs. I wanted to get all 5 different ones, but I was able to only get 2. It was a tough decision on what ones to get. I decided on a Sarracenia Purpurea because it's a Sarracenia that I don't yet have. Plus, @learydarrel 's Purpurea always catches my eye whenever he posts about it. Then, I got a venus fly trap because.. it's a venus fly trap. I don't even know how many vfts I have at this point 馃 Today, I also got plant mail! I've been wanting to get a pinguicula for a while now, so I got one 馃槃 I got a warm temperate ping, a pinguicula primuliflora, because they grow in conditions similar to Sarracenia and Venus Fly Traps. I'm very happy with my ping, and it even came with a flower stalk! I believe they're self fertile so I think I might try and get some seeds. I'm also proud of my 1st carnivorous plant, a venus fly trap that I got from Walmart. It's huge!! The amount of traps on it is crazy. When I got it September of 2022 it wasn't nearly as big as it is now. I just can't believe how far it's come. Last but not least, my nepenthes Gaya opened a pitcher. This is the first nepenthes pitcher that I've had open in my care! #carnivorousclub #theamigos #happyplants #plantmail #plantsmakepeoplehappy #pinguicula #pinguiculas #sarracenia #pitcherplant #venusflytrap #growth #newgrowth #plantaddict