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Happy #FreshLeafFriday y鈥檃ll! I have some amazing #NewGrowth from my #Succulents and I can鈥檛 wait to show you guys 馃き馃 First picture, Penny had surprised me about a month after repotting her! She seems to love the change of soil and pot, that she鈥檚 growing a little baby! Second picture is my beautiful S艒ngsh煤, a Chinese Pine Tree succulent. Him and I have been having communication issues. He was being attacked by buggies, so I took care of that problem and fixed it with some Neem Oil! Well, he thanked me for a couple of days, but then started hating it after. He has been doing okay so far, leaves are still a little damaged, but he has been pruned and taken care of since! He is producing #NewGrowth so I鈥檓 happy about that! 馃挄 Third is my beautiful Marble Peperomia, Celeste! She鈥檚 been thriving ever since she was repotted in this pretty white glazed pot that my boyfriend picked out for her! She had some problems with bugs too, but they鈥檙e no longer attacking her! Her leaves are to die for, though 馃挮 Fourth is Orange, my recently pruned Jade plant. She鈥檚 been thriving ever since being pruned, that she鈥檚 producing new shoots! 馃槏 Last but not least, Anakin! My cute and fuzzy Panda plant! I got him about a month ago and he鈥檚 been growing crazy under a #GrowLight! 馃き馃尶 Love seeing everyone鈥檚 #FreshLeafFriday ! Y鈥檃ll are doing great at taking care of your babies 馃馃馃挄 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #PlantAddict #kscapedream