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🌼🌸 Spring has sprung at Greg! ‘Tis the season of growth, and we’re so excited to share a huge #GregUpdate with you for the spring! Introducing a *totally new* Plant Card! What’s new: 📸 Snapshot view of your plant’s overall needs ☀️ Recommendations for plant placement and light needs 🌇 Local sunlight quality and weather overview 💧 Graphs of your plants’ water cycle 📚 ‘About Me’ info 🧑‍🔬 ‘Ask an Expert’ for your trickiest plant questions Paired with all these new features, we’re also excited to roll out big updates to Super Greg. If you’re already a Super Greg subscriber, you’ll get automatic access to all the new features and current free users will now unlock watering reminders for unlimited plants! For questions regarding your subscription, we’re always available at 💌 😁 The #GregTeam is working hard on even more upgrades that’ll be coming out in April/May. In the meantime, we'll be sharing small updates with a few new features every week or so. This is what we have lined up: 📆 Timeline 🖼 Gallery 📚 Tips & Guides ⚡️ Fertilizer reminders 🪦 Plant Graveyard ➕ Plant Wishlist 📱 Redesigned User Profile (including your community activity) Note: in the latest update, you can no longer undo water/snoozes or view your plant moments. But fear not! These features are coming back in the next update with Timeline & Gallery. Head over to the Apple App Store to update now, and Android users stay tuned — your update will be available super soon!