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@JenniB81 avatar @JenniB81 · 18h
#freshleaffriday meets #plantmail!! Woohoo!! 🥳🥳 So here goes.... 1. Please meet Dottie! My brand new Aglaonema Pictura Tricolour 🤩🥰 who just arrived this morning, just as I found out that my great friend of 20 years, called Dottie, sadly left this world yesterday. They're both ONE OF A KIND! or were... I hope she loves in in this special little baby (& you can JUST see a new leaf already poking it's head out!). 2. My Aglaonema Red Zirkon (who I've had for many months now) is FINALLY throwing her first new leaf!! 🥳 She's also just a baby lol... But look at her GO! 🥰 3. Monsty Major has thrown FIRST FULL FEN!! Super happy plant mum right here! 🥰💚🥰💚🥳 She's given me half fenestrated leaves do far, but this is.... Amazing! Beautiful fenestration, and on BOTH sides! Lol 👏👏💚 4. Progress report on my Albo's new leaf... It's looking beautiful! And the stem is whiter than a Scotsman's legs, so I'm hoping for half moon next time! 🤔🤞🤞💚 5. Finally... I know it's a tiny little report, but my Aurea is ALSO throwing her first new leaf since I got her 💚 it looks kinda small... And I need to get her out of that pon and into soil (but as she's working on that leaf I'm leaving her, just for the moment!). For some reason only the of my photos uploaded! 🤦‍♀️🤣 So... I'll put the two missing pics below. And I'll drop my other three #plantmail babies in the comments too... Just coz, why would you?! Lmao 🤣🤣 thanks for looking #Greggang!! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #newgrowth #faafotechnique #jennib81 #theamigos (42 and counting!! Woohoo!! 🥳😁) xx